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  • 3rd April, 2019

A.B. Flood Relief Team at Winton

Winton Blogs, by Ms Hope Foster - Science Faculty

Day 1: 
The first day brought good promise as we took off in a beeping bus. Six hours in and our students finally took the initiative to fix the bus and in doing so, were successful. Making it into camp at Augathella around 5:30pm, they were eager to get out and play a student vs parent kick around with the football before setting up camp for the night. The Ellalong hotel showed great hospitality with their “around the world” parmys and 6am breakfast.

Day 2: 
The students sprang out of bed with great enthusiasm to celebrate Sam's 18th birthday. At breakfast we all serenaded Sam a happy birthday and he was gifted lollipops (thanks to his parents!). All packed up and ready to head out of town somewhat keeping time, being the initial plan, until one of the cars got a flat tyre which took a great effort (and many watching eyes) to ensure it got changed adequately.

Another day of hard yakka by our A.B. Flood Relief volunteers. 
Check out our A.B. Flood Relief volunteers in action!


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