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  • 28th March, 2019

Brainstorm Productions

On Monday 25 March, Brainstorm Productions visited the College to deliver an anti-bullying and resilience building performance to children in Prep – Year 6. Their show, The Human Race, has been written for primary school children with the aim to bring awareness to antisocial behaviours that many children will witness at some point in their lives. Through a humorous and engaging performance, the two young actors taught the children important messages about acceptance, kindness, respect and empathy.

The show covered a range of themes and each of the performances were tailored to the respective ages of the audience. The story was told through the form of a game show, The Human Race, where four characters, Deedee, Dunc, Kimbo and Kane, were required to participate in an international game show. Their individual circumstances cause them to become partners with people outside of their friendship circles and, through this process, each character discovers many things about both themselves and their partner. Many social situations are uncovered through this story, such as cultural diversity, social media, self-esteem and conflict resolution. The characters modelled problem-solving and reflective practice to understand where they had made a mistake, before making steps to rectify the situation.

The performance aligns with the College’s mission: To challenge the individual to achieve and to act with purpose and character, as the performance examined the good in people, such as loyalty, honesty and creative thinking. Students will continue to revisit these important lessons to build positive relationships with their peers, just as Dunc and Deedee needed to be respectful and compassionate, play by the rules and do their best to reach their potential as citizens of the world.

The problem-solving strategies that Dunc needed to use against the Virtual Reality bully also aligned with the College’s High Five Strategy. Students witnessed Dunc ignore the bully, talk to him about the problem before walking away. It was wonderful to see the children in the audience confidently call out the steps to Dunc to tell him what he needed to do next to solve this problem.

Through the discussion at the end of the performance, it was clear that the students had taken on the messages and could clearly articulate the helpful and harmful actions of each character.

Students were engaged throughout the performances and joined in with the songs promoting respect, safety and diversity. Though many serious topics were covered, the light-hearted manner of the shows allowed students to view the situations with humour. Students were especially delighted to see Dunc make it to the final stage of the game show and the audience could not contain their laughter during the final dance with the help of Deedee’s special invention.

Rebecca Taylor - Acting Deputy Head of Junior School: P-3
Steve Clacher - Deputy Head of Junior School: 4-6

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