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  • 16th March, 2019

Dennis House Sleepout

Last Friday, Dennis House hosted it’s third Sleepout to raise funds for Orange Sky Laundry.

The event was a great success – 196 students taking part in the games and pizza session, 152 attending the first movie and 90 students spending the night sleeping over. Overall the event will raise close to $4000 for Orange Sky.

As with all things good that happen at this College a lot of people had a role in making the evening successful. Thank you to:

  • Mandy Sines and Lucy Silveira-Marquez for taking all of the payments and fielding questions from parents and students.
  • Alex Dean and the Maintenance staff for assisting with set up and security on the night.
  • Alex Fox and Craig Rickard for all their assistance with sound and pictures.
  • Sonya Hayes for fetching 200 poppers and 100 croissants.
  • Marc Olivier for collecting 79 pizzas and staying around to help serve them out to the stampede.
  • Barry Voevodin, Judy Russell, Leighton Morgan and Toni Kirton for either helping to set up the MPC for the games or spending what could have been a relaxing Friday evening trapped in a room with 200 excited students.
  • Steve Clacher, Andy Sole, Amanda Alchin, Peta Noyes, Deanna Handley and Dai Abe for reliving the memories of watching Back to the Future on the big screen, whilst trying to keep 150 students quiet.
  • Janet Hay for making sure all First Aid needs were catered for.
  • Hope Foster for turning up on Saturday morning with coffee.
  • Dennis House Captain, Alek Bollman and his team of student leaders for promoting the carnival around the College.
  • Darrell Menezes, Charlotte Brook, Michelle Drebing, Ali Ward and Sharon Adams for spending the night sleeping over with our students.

Peter Brookes
Head of Dennis House

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