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  • 13th February, 2019

Year 12 Activities Week 2019

During Activities Week, our Year 12 cohort went through a variety of physical and mental challenges that brought us all closer together as a group.

The week began with a visit from Himal Pilay, a motivational speaker and leadership expert from Success Integrated who took us through group activities and strategies for encouraging participation and enthusiasm in our leadership of the College. We participated in trust falls, two-finger lifts, and round the circle brainstorming sessions in order to increase our teamwork and understanding of the others in our cohort.

On the second day this continued, with the addition of our all-too-important senior jerseys, and a poignant share-session where we were encouraged to vent about our stresses and insecurities going into our Senior year. The day ended with some upbeat activities and many, many, group photos in our new jerseys as we said goodbye and thanked Himal for his time with us.

Day three began our segue into QCS practice, a daunting but necessary task for the year to come. We were visited by the incredible team from Mighty Minds and spent our mornings learning much needed strategies and techniques for how we could perform our best as a cohort and achieve the best results for everyone’s benefit. In the afternoons, we undertook the challenging task of taking practice QCS exams from previous years, which, while difficult, were a much-needed eye-opener to the work we need to do as a cohort before we are ready for our actual exams later in the year.

As exhausting as it was, we came out of the week feeling triumphant, having already set up study groups for QCS, and having meshed together as a cohort more than we could have thought possible last year.

Evie Rounsley
Year 12 Student

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