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  • 7th February, 2019

A New Year, A New Timetable

The academic year for the Senior School will kick into top gear next week following another very successful Activities Week program. All classes in the Senior School will be on a two-week timetable cycle, Weeks A and B. For some students, this will be their first time under such a structure and it can take a bit of getting used to – and the same may apply for some teachers! Schools are very much based on routine and after a few cycles it will begin to feel quite normal. Edval Daily is set up with the timetable cycle so students will always have their usual online access to their timetable. They should be making use of their student planner as well to ensure they know their lessons for each day and have the correct materials with them.

I have been asked about the reasoning behind such a change. The answer is that by spreading the number of lessons for each subject across a fortnight, we have been able to increase the number of lessons for all Year 10 – 12 classes from 10 to 11 periods per fortnight. This might not sound like much, but across a year it equates to an extra 12 hours of teaching time for each subject in Years 10 – 12, which will be of enormous benefit to our students.

The number of lessons per cycle for Years 7 – 9 has remained unchanged from last year.

There is no change to the structure for all Junior School timetables. Whilst it may be either Week A or Week B, all Junior School classes will occur at the same time each week. This added to the already challenging task of building a timetable, especially as we have a number of Senior School specialists who teach in the Junior School.

All the best to all students for the academic year ahead!  

Mr Tim Grosser
Director of Operations and Planning

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