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  • 7th February, 2019

From the Year 1 Classrooms

Stepping up into Year 1!

Welcome back to the new school year! We hope that you all had a great summer break and are all ready for the new term ahead! All students in Year 1 have had a great start to the year. Despite Week 1 being a short week, it was packed with many significant moments including meeting new friends, new teachers, fantastic weather, morning assemblies and most importantly, learning. Thank you to all Year 1 families in collectively making Week 1 a great start to the year.

The Year 1 students have already shown themselves to be particularly resilient. Year 1 teachers have noticed that all students have settled into their new learning environment and grasped the routine of Year 1 life outside of the ‘Prep gate’ in a very quick time. As the students met their new teachers and new class members for the 2019 school year, each child’s confidence is growing, and we are now seeing some very interesting and funny personalities emerge. All students are developing socially, working on building new friendships with the other students and adjusting to the new routines that life in Year 1 brings. Please note that learning in Year 1 commences at 8:30am each day and it is wonderful to see all students arriving on time to school and developing their independence and taking responsibility by organising themselves when they arrive each morning.

We are looking forward to watching all Year 1 students grow and develop as the year progresses. Here’s to a great 2019!

Year 1 Teachers - Rebecca Barraclough, Georgie Burrows,
Trent Davis and Jana Kubaska    

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