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  • 27th November, 2018

Who's the Boss?

Who would have thought tiny balls of cookie dough would bring National success?

You may remember the excitement in Chisholm Courtyard, during Term 3 lunchtimes, when Year 10 Business students were touting their wares as part of the FYA $20 Boss program – everything from pencil cases to an array of delectable treats.

There were ten businesses between the two classes – some more successful than others. However, all students learned so much from the experience of creating, marketing and running their own business.

Last week, our business – Dough & Co. – scooped the top National and State awards for our business idea!

We set out to raise awareness amongst the A.B. Paterson College community about those suffering daily with life-altering and threatening diseases.

Dough & Co. was a cookie dough business, selling to students, teachers and parents during lunch and at school events. We didn't expect to get the sales that we did. From day one, we sold out very quickly and the feedback from returning customers was great.

We wanted to create a business that was different to the other businesses, but also something that customers would enjoy and want to come back for.

We donated all profits of Dough & Co. to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. With every purchase, we handed out a short story of how the Make-a-Wish Foundation has helped a child in the past. A comprehensive advertising campaign and quality product allowed us to generate an astounding $1,779 in profits.

We nominated ourselves for the State and National awards and were successful in winning both:

  • 2018 Rookie Enterprise of the Year for Years 10-12 for Queensland; and
  • Profit Like a Boss award for Years 10-12 for all of Australia.

For this, we won a cash prize of $500 and a $20 Boss Prize Pack.

We also won the A.B. Paterson College Profit Like a Boss – taking home another $200 cash prize.

As a group, we have started to learn some of the necessary skills in order to create, manage and run a business using limited funds and resources. We worked efficiently and communicated well as a team, while acknowledging each other's strengths and weaknesses to further benefit the business.

We are looking forward to using the skills we have learnt from the $20 Boss Program next year in the Year 11 IGNITE: Ideas with Impact program during Activities Week.

Year 10 students – Isabelle Anderson-Schmidt, Katelin Kelly, Gabrielle Loftus, Monique Jeynes and Isabella Springer

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