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  • 23rd November, 2018

Un'BEE'lievable Spellers' Grand Final

On Tuesday 20 November, the eagerly anticipated Un’BEE’lievable spelling finals were held. With some very nervous and excited finalists ready to showcase their spelling skills, the LPAC came alive with spelling enthusiasts from across the Junior School.  Students had to make their way through class competitions and semi-final elimination rounds to reach the LPAC stage for the finals.

Congratulations to our amazing finalists:

Year 1:  Nikita Harish, Eric Zhang, Benjamin Clark
Year 2:  Matthew Lee, Ethan McIntyre, Ivy Hamilton
Year 3:  Tori Russell, Seyara Welegedara, Huxley Bertsos
Year 4:  Mitchell Chen, Seeret Arora, Chayse Sheather
Year 5:  Midori Lance, Agan Pillai, Ellie Sinclair
Year 6:  Sahas Gunaratne, Zoe Cannen, Derek Luo

This Teaching and Learning initiative was a fun and interactive way for our students to have an additional opportunity to engage and be challenged in the area of spelling. Through this competition it is hoped that student interest in the importance and value of good spelling is encouraged and that it promotes improved literacy development across our Junior School.

It was an outstanding showcase of our youngest students’ skills and expertise.

Congratulations to our year level 2018 Spelling Bee Champions:

Year 1 – Nikita Harish
Year 2 – Ivy Hamilton
Year 3 – Seyara Welagedara
Year 4 – Mitchell Chen
Year 5 - Midori Lance
Year 6 - Derek Luo

                                                        L-R: Nikita Harish, Ivy Hamilton & Seyara Welagedara

                                                                L-R: Mitchell Chen, Midori Lance & Derek Luo

Meagan King
Director of Teaching, Learning and Academic Performance

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