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  • 12th November, 2018

Year 3 Puppet Performance

Students are always engaged by hands-on activities, and what could be more hands on than making a puppet come to life!

As part of our Literacy program in Year 3, Mrs Bradley’s Reading Group has been learning to use character voices to improve their expression and phrasing when reading aloud.

A fun way to extend this was to introduce puppets, as the puppet takes on the character of the person operating it. The students found it was a lot harder than it looked, but by working collaboratively and helping each other in their team, they were all successful.

The class was a very appreciative audience, as the puppets performed their songs. After all, song lyrics are a text and the students were able to animate the puppets by matching mouth and hand movements to the rhythm and lyrics of the song. It was great fun!

Ruth Bradley
Year 3 Teacher

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