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  • 9th November, 2018

Carpark Capers!

Year 12 Carpark Charity Raffle for Drought Relief saw an influx of P-Platers (and one questionable toy motorbike rider) in our Staff Carpark this week.

Watch this video: https://www.facebook.com/abpatersoncollege/videos/314182372500332/

While a convoy of student drivers enjoyed taking over the car spaces of our Senior Leadership Team, a few raffle-winners from within our Academic Staff also made the most of their elevated car space status... and the complimentary valet service that came with it!

What happens when you kindly surrender your Senior Leadership car space to a Year 12 charity raffle? Our Head of Business Services, Ian Lambden learned that our students like to 'pay it forward' and thoroughly enjoyed his 'Valet Serenade' by our carpark crooners - Vice Captain, Adrian and College Leader, Geordie.

Watch this video: https://www.facebook.com/abpatersoncollege/videos/1052518698243830/

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