Illalong News

  • 7th November, 2018

Persuasion, Persuasion, Persuasion!

Year 2 students have inquired into what makes a particular text type persuasive and have used this knowledge to produce some outstanding ‘Persuasive Posters’. By looking at particular advertising posters the students have discovered that there are key elements to convincing an audience and that marketing people know how to use these effectively.

Investigations included features such as font, high modality words, and provocation of emotion. They also discovered that adding visual imagery to a poster assists in getting a message across.

Students realised that the more emotive the advertising is, the stronger the message of persuasion. 

The task the students were presented was to create an advertising poster to sell a new pair of children’s shoes. Using the ideas from their investigations, they transformed these into their posters to convince the reader to buy their product.

With imaginations running wild, the students produced some excellent posters which would not look out of place in any advertising campaign.

Year 2 Teachers – Mary Youngman, Daisy Ross, Kathleen Richardson and Kylie Schumacher


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