Illalong News

  • 5th November, 2018

Getting to Know You

It is so rewarding for a teacher to see their students engrossed in their learning – and that was certainly the case for our Assistant Head of HPE, Philippa Garlick, when working with her Prep class on the topic of Identity and Friendships.

In the relaxed setting of their beautiful Prep playground, the children worked in pairs – linking with someone they don’t usually work with – to find out more about each other.

They posed a series of questions to each other and recorded their partner’s response:

  • Activities they both like doing at school
  • Activities they both like doing at home
  • Things they both like to eat
  • Things they both like to do

With confidence, they then shared with the rest of the class something new they had learned about their partner.

Ms Garlick remarked, “The children just thrived! They were so engaged and on task the whole time.” It is more evidence of just how far our Preppies have come this year

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