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  • 16th November, 2018

Ocean Stars Amazed Year 5s!

During Week 5 of this term, Year 5 students got up close and personal with some fishy creatures when Becky from Ocean Stars came to visit us.

This helped students to make connections with our current Science unit ‘Something’s Changed’, when she taught us about the adaptations that small marine creatures have in order to help them survive in the wild. Students learnt about a variety of marine animals and discovered how they move, eat and protect themselves, as well as their different habitats. Students also had the chance to feel and talk about some of the real ocean treasures, such as seashells and shark eggs, followed by the opportunity to touch some beautiful live marine animals.

Here are some reflections of this experience from Year 5 students:

Ocean Stars was a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. We learned about different creatures like sea urchins, sea stars and sea cucumbers, as well as the thrill of touching them. Our grade had a nice surprise when we learned about the sea cucumber – we were told that when it is scared it shoots out all its organs. As disgusting as it sounds, that is actually pretty cool. We patted many creatures and although some of the creatures looked spikey, we had a pleasant surprise when they were soft and squishy. Lily Patterson

Our Ocean Stars Incursion was a fantastic experience. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to touch the different marine animals and learning about them. An interesting fact I discovered was that sea cucumbers are covered in spikes that help to protect them from predators. Hamza El-Ghobashy

It was really fun because everyone had the opportunity to pat some really cool animals! James Oakes

Ocean Stars was good because we learnt about marine creatures in a fun way! Jessica Tuesley

We got to see things in real life that we have only seen on screens before. Kristina Illich

We had fun but also learnt lots of information. Bella Chen

They knew a lot of information and they taught us in a way that could make us understand. Keerti Nayak

I was amazed to find out how long it takes for different types of plastic and rubbish to break down in the environment. That really proved to me that humans are causing lots of damage to our oceans and we need to be a lot more careful. Chilli Fitzgerald

I liked the incursion because I learnt amazing facts about sea creatures. I loved everything especially feeling the small, sticky, spikey and soft sea animals! Sophie Mordekar

I loved Ocean Stars because they taught some very educational facts, like a star fish turning its stomach inside out! Emelia Wedemeyer

I liked the incursion because I got to touch sea stars and other animals.  Preston Williams

Year 5 Teachers – Jana Kubaska, Kerrie Moore, Scott Lewis & Tiffany Henry


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