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  • 31st October, 2018

Bronze Qualifying Camp to O’Reilly’s 27 & 28 October

Far from a casual stroll through a picturesque setting, last weekend’s camp at Green Mountain near O’Reilly’s was a logistical feat for 16 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh students, together with two A.B. Paterson College staff, Andrew Sole and Elise Valade.

This was a qualifying Adventurous Journey camp for the students. They had to organise their walks, create navigation plans and prepare a nutritious menu for the two days away from home.

O’Reilly’s is a fantastic location for students to explore the lush rainforest bordering the Gold Coast and the weather, although hot, was ideal for walking, as the dense rainforest canopy provided plenty of shade. W

The parakeets were very friendly, landing on students’ hats and out stretched arms whilst searching for food.

There were also some wonderful lookouts, such as Moonlight Crag and Python Rock Lookouts, together with many waterfalls, including Moran and Elabana Falls, which was magnificent due to the recent rain. 

They also visited The Tree Top walk and lookout and the Wishing Tree. All students and staff had a great time walking through the tropical rainforest and learning about the rich natural habitat, bird and wildlife. 

Andrew Sole
Head of Outdoor Education

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