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  • 25th October, 2018

Team Achievers - Queensland Interschool State Chess Finals 2018

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." – Phil Jackson

At the conclusion of two gruelling days of competition at the Queensland Interschool State Chess Finals, the feedback from our team’s parents, about the changes and growth they can now see in our young Chess players, is indeed heart-warming.

Supported by Gardiner Chess Advanced Group Coach, Doug Williams our team – Timothy Yau 6K, Thomas Kapetanovic 5H, Mitchell Chen 4W, and Junoh Han 4A – travelled to St Joseph’s, Gregory Terrace with their parents last weekend for, what I believed would be, an exhilarating weekend of challenge and chess fun.

The event didn’t disappoint.

This was a first-time opportunity for our Junior Chess Club, and the boys – from three year levels, who had only just learnt how to write their coded moves – were set to play against the best Chess teams from divisions across the state!

These factors make their placement of 24 out of 42 even more remarkable! Our College can be so proud of this achievement. Imagine how we will fare next year following this growth experience!

Our parents reported that the boys were ‘so focussed and never gave up’, and that the competition had enriched their children’s lives by allowing them to make new friends across other schools.

It was wonderful, also, to hear of our Junior Chess Club Captain, Thomas accomplishing his leadership tasks with humility and quiet peer modelling.

Congratulations team!

Susanne Ginnane
Junior Chess Club Supervisor

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