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  • 15th October, 2018

Everything has Changed for Year 3!

History came alive for students in Year 3, when they visited the Gold Coast Hinterland Heritage Museum as part of their humanities unit, ‘Everything has Changed’. The students consolidated their understanding about the history of the Gold Coast, that they had started researching in class.

The museum volunteers were enthusiastic about imparting their knowledge of buildings, artefacts, tools and the way of life back in time on the Gold Coast.

The Heritage Museum offered various stations for the children to experience aspects of everyday life from the past. There was an old school room, a blacksmith’s forge, a dairy, a grocer, a butcher shop, a tent house and an old gaol. The original Nerang Railway Station is also situated there. Our students had fun pretending to buy train tickets from the station master.

Okey House and Franklin House are the Museum’s historically significant buildings made from locally milled timber. The students were fascinated with the furnishings in the houses, such as the old beds, toys, cooking implements, and lighting but of course there was no electricity, which makes our lifestyle, these days, so different.

The visit to the old gaol and trialling being in the stocks, was exciting. Visiting the old school room highlighted how education and schools have made great changes over time. There were, of course, no computers or electronic screens!

“I liked the tent home, as it showed us how people first lived when they arrived in Mudgeeraba back then. The blacksmith was interesting because he explained how horse shoes were made.” Mackenzie Fenton 3S

“The school was interesting because you needed to keep your hands behind your back and if you didn’t pick up the rubbish you would stay in class. The gaol was my favourite. The gaol room was really dark, and the bed is uncomfortable to sleep on. The prisoner gets a small amount of food that is put through a hole in the door.” Alana Williams 3S

“My favourite part of the excursion was going in the school. The naughty boys would get the cane and the naughty girls were hit by a ruler.” Aiden Papworth 3F

“My favourite parts were learning how people introduced themselves and the clothes they wore. It was interesting using the type writers because they didn’t have computers.” Ashton Stewart 3F

“I enjoyed the slab hut and the blacksmith’s forge the best, because they were the most interesting. The gentleman told us about the different materials they used and why a blacksmith was called a blacksmith (it was because he worked with black metal).” Samuel Atkinson 3B

“I enjoyed the school because we found out some interesting differences between how schools were in the past and how they are today. Children often walked barefoot to school and used a slate and slate stylus to write with, as paper was very expensive.” Hira Junaid 3B

“I enjoyed the dairy house because I like learning about how food is made. We were shown how the cows were milked.” Alexia Taylor-Campbell 3M

“The saddlery was my favourite part of the museum because I enjoyed seeing the World War II things such as the saddles, guns, bayonets and swords.” Akshay Vinothan 3M

Year 3 Teachers – Ruth Bradley, Joanna Muirhead, Anne Palethorpe & Steve Farmer

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