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  • 11th October, 2018

From the Prep Classrooms

A Learning Journey is a special event – a wonderful opportunity for every child to discuss with their parents and/or their special friend the learning that they have undertaken so far this semester.

On Wednesday 10 October, it was lovely to see all the Prep children so excited and eager to greet their parents when they arrived. Our Prep children took pride in showing their parents their hard work, talking about their lessons and showing examples of work they have produced.

Over the course of the first week of Term 4, each Prep class was busy working on understanding what they have been learning, both during Term 3 and the new concepts that will be explored this term.  Everyone has been reflecting on their progress to identify what they are doing well and what they need to do to continue to develop. Individual learning goals for both Literacy and Numeracy were also reviewed and new goals were set, as we enter our final term of learning in Prep.

Overall, it has been fantastic to see all the children grow and develop as their first formal year of schooling has progressed and it was wonderful to be able to share with our parents these personal successes.

Thank you to all our Prep parents/guardians for taking the time to attend our Semester 2 Prep Learning Journey, and for your continued support of our Prep learning at A.B. Paterson College.     

Prep Teachers – Trent Davis, Rebecca Barraclough, Angie Hall & Jacinta Lauder    

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