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  • 12th September, 2018

Moving Toys

As a part of our Technology and STEAM units, students in Year 2 were asked to create a moving toy from recyclable products. They designed, created, problem-solved and decorated their moving toys.

Although there were boxes, glitter, glue and foam floating around the rooms, they all had a lot of fun creating their toy. They amazed their teachers with their designs and creative end products. There was a variety of different toys from robots, pinball games, cars, scooters and dolls.

The students also enjoyed sharing their end products with Prep students, explaining the whole process from design to finished toy.

Some of the moving toys were on display during the P-6 Banjo’s STEAM Arcade. A lot of fun was had by all.

Daisy Ross, Mary Youngman, Kathleen Richardson and Kylie Schumacher - Year 2 Teachers

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