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  • 11th September, 2018

Banjo's STEAM Arcade

Congratulations to the Junior School on hosting the first Banjo’s STEAM Arcade last Thursday, 6 September.  This event was a huge success and a day that will be remembered by everyone involved. Our DMPC was transformed into a cardboard arcade filled with fun and enthusiasm. Students impressed each other and our College staff as they showcased their STEAM designs and creativity.  Throughout the term, students from Prep to Year 6 used their STEAM knowledge to complete an innovative challenge.  It was amazing to see how proud our young engineers were of their designs and how excited they were to visit other’s each arcade stall.  

“The arcade was a wonderful opportunity for students to be part of a creative process.  I really enjoyed observing students’ designs come to life over the term and then watching how much fun they had showcasing their designs.”  Cheryl Wheeler – Learning Assistant

“I enjoyed helping students problem solve and tackle 21st Century learning skills.  Each stall I visited was full of excitement as students told me about their STEAM designs.” Melita Gratwick – Learning Enhancement Teacher

“Banjo’s STEAM Arcade showed me how big, little kids’ imaginations can be.” Nate Stoddart – Year 4W

“Banjo’s STEAM Arcade was fun, exciting and I loved seeing my class mates’ ideas.  I also liked working in my group and being creative.  I hope there is an arcade next year.”  Daniel Snow – Year 4S

“I think a lot of students came to play my game because it was so much fun, and we made sticker prizes.  We had more than 77 guests play our game.”  Teegan Mitchell – Year 4S

“Banjo’s STEAM Arcade taught me about push and pull forces.  My game showed push and pull forces because we made a catapult out of a spoon and recycled materials.  It was the best!”  Sienna Harrison – Year 4A

“Banjo’s STEAM Arcade was so fun and busy. We learned how to work in groups and understand forces.  My group used magnets to move magnetic objects into a goal.  We were originally going to make an air hockey table, but we changed our design to include magnets.” Dora Zhang – Year 4W

Throughout the term students worked through our College STEAM Design Process.  Classroom teachers selected students who demonstrated a high understanding of this process and perseverance to continue to improve their design. 

Years 2 and 3 Best Design: Awarded to students who effectively created a detailed design plan.

Year 2 Winners: Dev Deshmukh, Toby Musico, Olive Davis, Eva Vu, Flynn Gibb and Olive Pullin, Hannah Mason, Lucius Lintell, Indianna Hohendorf and Ignatius Hudson.

Year 3 Winners: James Walduck, Rohan Nallapu, Siana Cacciola, Sabreen Jean, Hira Junaid, Aiden Zhang, Olivia Segui, Dominiq Kamenoff, Georgie Jacobs, Zain Baba, Edward Clarke and Archie Zirbel.

Years 4 to 6 Best Evaluation: Awarded to the group who effectively evaluated their design and made multiple improvements.

Year 4 Winners: Byron McNiven, Nicholas Kenworthy, Tomi Arai, Kaleb Beattie, Max Williamson, Ko Dejima, Bruce Hua, Toby Da Silva, Seeret Arora, Amy Chen, Cindy Chen, Lucy Wu, Lauchlan Mason, Mitchell Chen, Hamish Canning and Kenta Yamaguchi

Year 5 Winners: Harrison D’Jekic, Flynn McAndrew, Max Tremolada, James Oakes, Nathan King, Elliott Carter, Toby Rayner, Rishabh Nama, Vineet Rao, Toby Ozluer, Danny Altass and Hunter Shanahan.

Year 6 Winners: Isabelle Doo, Emily Shi, Amana Islam, Korey Norris, Marcus Coyle, Andy Chen, Yarlini Indrajit, Cate Ellwood, Genevieve Chakuthip, Lachlan Window, Liam Crispe and Thomas Keplinger.

Amanda Wallis
Classroom Teacher and Junior School STEAM Coordinator

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