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  • 24th August, 2018

Year 3 Wildlife Encounter

Animal classification is the Science theme for Year 3 this term, and this unit was complemented with a visit to David Fleay Wildlife Park, this past week.

The park, located in West Burleigh, is home to a multitude of Australian animals, from birdlife such as cassowaries; reptiles including crocodiles and pythons; marsupials including koalas, and mammals such as hopping mice and the wallaby, just to name a few.

Students thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the animals, classifying them according to their characteristics and learning about the history of the park.

They were excited to see possums, owls and a tawny frogmouth during the nocturnal animal show and were completely enthralled by the falcons, eagles, brolgas and cockatoos performing tricks during the bird show. To top off their day, students walked through the surrounding mangroves. The highlight of the day was a cassowary who laid a bright green egg!

“I enjoyed the nocturnal show because my favourite animal in the world is the owl. We saw a barn owl and it was swooping fast from tree to tree.” Coco Emmerson

“I liked going on the Wallaby Walk: they were eating carrots so cutely. They were picking it up with their claws.” Rohan Nallapu

“I liked seeing the dingos best because they were cute and they were very fast! The dingo was going around in circles the whole time.” Alina Galvin

“A green cassowary egg is guarded by the male for 50 days. One egg was laid today while we were at the park! It was bright green!” Amit Tamir

“I like the white-belly sea eagle best. It was so amazing to see and its wings could carry it so fast around the audience.” James Walduck

“A barking owl swooped past me and scraped it wings against my hair - it freaked me out!” Zahni Quenon

“I liked the bird show because the last two birds we saw – the eagle and falcon – kept coming around to catch the food being thrown in the air. They eat chicken and rat heads!” Ben O’Donnell

My favourite part about our excursion was seeing the beautiful koalas asleep, they looked so cute! Sabreen Jean

I really enjoyed the bird show, because they showed a large variety of birds. I liked the big eagle!  Charley Chapman

My favourite part of the excursion was the Nocturnal House, it had creatures that were hard to find and creatures that you don’t always see! Samuel Longhurst

My favourite part of the David Fleay Wildlife park was the nocturnal show because of all the amazing native animals we saw. Olivia Segui

The best part of the day was when I touched the skin of a snake and felt its scales. Rafael Ursua

The favourite part of the day was looking at crocodiles. After a few hours we went back to look at them and one looked as if it was ready to bite. Its mouth was opening but it was safe thanks to the tall walkway. Coleman Dewar

The Creatures of the Night was my favourite because it showed owls and possums. One of the possums did not come out as it was shy and stayed in its hole. Alana Williams

My favourite places to visit were the mangrove swamps and the Nocturnal house. They were very interesting.  Wilson McKinnon

I liked the part when we saw the cassowary because it had lots of colourful feathers. We were lucky to the cassowary’s bright green egg. It was so cool. Dominiq Kamenoff

We would like to say a very big thank you to those parents who volunteered to assist us on the day.

Joanna Muirhead, Georgia Worters, Donna Symms and Steve Farmer
Year 3 Teachers

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