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  • 21st August, 2018

Year 5 Students Step into the World of Space

This Term, Year 5 students have enjoyed learning about the Solar System and about the features of each of the planets though the Science unit, Our Place in Space.

On Wednesday 8 August, Year 5 students enjoyed participating in the educational program, STARlab Education. This was an interactive experience that allowed students to observe the night sky through a temporary planetarium set up in the DMPC. This exciting opportunity involved Year 5 students stepping into the fascinating world of space, flying through the Solar System and enhancing their understanding of concepts developed through science lessons.

In particular, the following understanding goals were addressed as part of the STARlab presentation and will continue to be explored in classes over the coming weeks:

  • What is the relationship between the earth, sun, planets and other celestial bodies in our Solar System?
  • How has people’s knowledge of the Solar System changed over time?
  • How is knowledge about the Solar System useful in our lives today and in the past?
  • What makes a planet a planet?

Kerrie Moore, Scott Lewis, Tiffany Henry and Jana Kubaska – Year 5 Teachers

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