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  • 17th August, 2018

Junior School Poetry Recital Evening

Another fabulous evening as 72 very talented Junior School poets entertained us in the LPAC for the 2018 Junior School Poetry Recital Evening. The students who compete on this night have been through a rigorous selection process beforehand resulting in the audience witnessing some excellent recitation of Australian traditional, own composed and Australian Humorous poetry. Congratulations to all who participated.

2018 First Place Awards

Traditional Poem
Year 1    Charlie McDonald – Snake By Jill McDougal
Year 2    Hannah Mason - Counting Sheep by Louise McCarthy
Year 3    Ariel Dittman – Magpies by Judith Wright
Year 4    Pakawan Kasiwat - High Explosive by A.B. Paterson
Year 5    Tayla Van Heerden - The Man From Ironbark by A.B. Paterson
Year 6    Jessica Harrison - A Bushman’s Song by A.B. Paterson
Own Composed Poem
Year 1    Nakita Harish - Walking Along The Beach
Year 2    Ivy Hamilton - Aqua
Year 3    Coco Emmerson - My Sister
Year 4    Josie Hogan - Dogs
Year 5    Oliver Kane - There’s A Snake Under My Bed
Year 6    Timothy Yau - Last Minute
Humorous Poem
Year 1    Hannah Dooley - Mary Had A Little Pig by Andrew Taylor
Year 2    Matthew Lee - I Didn’t Do My Homework by Libby Hathorn
Year 3    Samuel Longhurst - Mum There’s A Monster by Grace Knight
Year 4    Marissa Clarke - No School Today by Jill McDougal
Year 5    Addison Selby - Mulga Bill’s Bicycle by A.B. Paterson
Year 6    Holly Jennings - Sister Stephanie & The Gang by Doug McLeod


Karen Roman
Assistant Principal – Junior School

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