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  • 10th August, 2018

Our Choirs Shine at Eisteddfod!

The 2018 Gold Coast Eisteddfod will go down in history at A.B. Paterson College!

We are so proud to announce, A.B. Paterson College has won the Primary School Choral Aggregate for the most points earned collectively across all Primary School Choral Sections!

If that wasn’t enough, our combined Year 5/6 Choir has been awarded the Most Outstanding Primary School Choir across all sections of the 2018 Eisteddfod competition.

These outstanding results from all A.B. Paterson College Choirs are due to the sheer hard work and dedication of our teachers and students, as well as the support of our College families.

  • Prep Choir – Very Highly Commended
  • Year 1 Choir – 1st Place
  • Year 2 Choir (2D and 2R) – 1st Place
  • Year 2 Choir (2Y and 2S) – 2nd Place
  • Year 3 Choir – 2nd Place
  • Year 3/4 Choir – 2nd Place
  • Combined Years 5 & 6 Choir – 1st Place
  • Year 5 Choir – 2nd Place
  • Year 6 Choir – 1st Place
  • Boys’ Chorus – 3rd Place
  • A Cappella Girls – Very Highly Commended
  • A Cappella Boys – 2nd Place
  • Chamber Choir – 2nd Place (with more performances to come)
  • Year 7/8 Choir – 1st Place

                                                                      Year 3 Choir and Year 2 Choir (2D and 2R)

                                                                     Year 3/4 Choir and Year 2 Choir (2Y and 2S)

                                                                                       Year 6 Choir and Prep Choir

                                                                                        Boys' Chorus and Year 5 Choir

                                                                                                Year 1 Choir

                                                                                       Combined Years 5 & 6 Choir

Thank you to Arts staff, Rachel Newcombe, Elise Immanuel, Deanna Handley, Nadia MacKenzie and Marie Nicholson who have done such a wonderful job preparing the students for their performances. To all teachers who have accompanied and supervised choirs to and from the venues over the past four days, thank you for your excellent shoe shining, hairdressing and sock maintenance skills – you are greatly appreciated.

Best of luck to our instrumentalists and dancers who begin their group College performances next week.

The Gold Coast Eisteddfod does not allow videoing or photographing of performances, except by their official videographer and photographer.

Parents are welcome to purchase videos and photographs while at the Eisteddfod. They can also be ordered online at http://movephotography.net/ or by contacting http://www.limelightmultimedia.com.au/ via admin@limelightmultimedia.com.au. Parents can find more information and photo galleries at https://www.goldcoasteisteddfod.com.au/

Sharyn Walker-Joyce – Head of Arts

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