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  • 8th August, 2018

TEDxYouth@ABPatersonCollege 2018

‘To inspire the youth of tomorrow of the possibilities of this modern world, by presenting tangible examples of incredible success already made by fellow youth today.’

Adrian Rajkamal writes that the above statement was the key goal of the event, and it is doubtful that a single person would disagree on the necessity of its achievement.

Running a TEDx event is a demanding, but incredibly rewarding initiative to partake in. The kind of work done by the team would have usually been completed by experienced event managers. Nobody in the TEDx team has ever discussed plans with companies, liaised with guest speakers, organised invoices and contracts, or worked with budgets and finances prior to this year.

Because the team was so keen to achieve the outcome, the difficulties became surmountable. The ability to be able to complete these tasks was down to teamwork and the contribution of each individual. It was the team’s event, the team owned it and this commitment and collaboration meant that everyone put forward skills and ideas to make TEDxYouth@ABPatersonCollege 2018 the best event it could possibly be.

This passion and hard work led to the incredible event that was held on 26 July. Seven months of putting out (metaphorical) fires, the stress of completing tasks, coming up with new creative ideas and solutions, and of course, having fun, all came together to create a spectacular night of innovation, inspiration and entertainment. There were hilarious and relevant speakers, both external, and from the College and a highly entertaining and educational Chemistry Show from Dr Thomas. In addition, several high-level music performances from some very talented soloists, and the student rock band coupled with some irresistible Portuguese meals from the Barraca Food Truck meant the night came together in a satisfying and fantastic way.

The team would like to thank and congratulate all speakers and performers for their hard work and talent. You were the stars of the show and made the night so special.

The team would also like to thank the film crew for all their efforts.

Furthermore, thank you so much to Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Ward for your crucial marketing work, Mrs Lee and Ms Dayaram for your support in preparing Dr Thomas’ show, Mrs Reverte for your administrative support, Mrs Earl for your help with all the important safety work, Mrs Walker-Joyce and the arts staff for taking time out of the College musical rehearsals to allow us to set up for the event, Mrs Hewitt for your crucial work with the LPAC online booking system, Mr McAdam and Mrs Parkinson for your hard work with all the technical requirements of the LPAC, Mrs Sole for allowing us to use your cameras for filming, and Mr Shariff for providing important film equipment at the very last minute!

The team would like to thank Mr Worsey and Mr Dasgupta for all their hard work each week for the past 7 months. Without you this event would’ve been a mere pipe dream. Your hard work means so much to the team, and to everyone who was involved with this event.

From Mr Worsey and Mr Dasgupta - to the organising team - thank you all so much for everything. Working with such a dedicated and hard-working group of people was such a wonderful experience, and it’s a night that will be remembered for years to come. Here’s to next year!



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