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  • 14th June, 2018

Prize-Winning Young Authors

Congratulations to our Book Writing Contest Winners for their fantastic novels!

First place winners were able to choose a beautiful new book and second place winners were able to select a lovely new piece of stationary to use in their next writing endeavour.

All books will be on display in the Lilly Pilly Learning Centre in Term 3.

Almost all children in 2S and 2R wrote a story and there are many teachers’ names written as characters and some fantastic ‘favourite days at school’ that make for some great and humorous reads. Come check them out!

Thank you to our wonderful Year 6 Library Leaders this Term for leading and organising this wonderful literacy opportunity for our lower Junior School!

And the winners are (drum roll, please):

1st Place Year One: Hannah Dooley 1D
2nd Place Year One: Charli Cooke 1G

1st Place Year Two: Ivy Hamilton 2K
2nd Place Year Two: Edward Dalziel 2K

1st Place Year Three: Teya Morgan 3M
2nd Place Year Three: Ewan Walker 3M

Stephanne Siberry
Junior School Teacher/Librarian


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