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  • 8th June, 2018

Congratulations to State Honours Ensemble Program Musicians

Last weekend (June 1 – 3), Queensland Conservatorium – Griffith University hosted the second State Honours Ensemble Music Program (SHEP) – Middle School. This two and a half day program provided outstanding instrumentalists and vocalists with the opportunity to participate in instrumental ensemble and choral workshops with other like-minded musicians from around South East Queensland. The event culminated in four stunning concert performances on the final day in the Conservatorium Theatre. 

This well-respected program brought together the finest young musicians, under the tutelage of a team of eminent international and national conductors, in a world-class environment.

Students were nominated for SHEP by their School Music teachers and those with the highest skill levels were offered positions in the program. This year, 21 students from A.B. Paterson College were accepted into the program for 2018 (with two students on reserve) and they are all to be congratulated on their selection and representation at this prestigious event.


These are the students involved last weekend at the Queensland Conservatorium – State Honours Ensemble Program – Middle School.

Student                                  Year Level               Instrument

Jacob Carr                                7                                Saxophone Alto
Jasper Collier                           6                               Viola
Soraya Comley                        8                                Voice Soprano
Marissa Dirkx                         7                                Voice Soprano
Benjamin Elphick                  8                                Clarinet
Imogen Gay                            6                                Voice Soprano
Cherry Ge                                6                                Voice Alto
Chelsea Howell                      6                                Voice Alto
Yarlini Indrajit                       6                                Clarinet
Jaime Lawton                         7                                Voice Soprano
Jonas Longhurst                    6                                Voice Soprano
Hunter O'Hara                       6                                Voice Soprano
Ellie Roh                                  7                                Flute
Charlotte Squire                    7                                Voice Alto
Daniel Teren                          7                                Voice Soprano
Alex Vadeikis                         8                                Trumpet
Rachel Wardle                       8                                Voice Alto
Ashley Williams                    7                                Trumpet
Ally Zhou                                7                                Flute
Derek Luo                              6                                Percussion      Reserve
Joaquin Segui                        7                                Violin               Reserve

Tania Vadeikis – Music Teacher

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