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  • 7th June, 2018

Light Bulb Moment for Year 5

Year 5 students have been busy exploring in the Senior School Laboratories, where they were discovering how light behaves for their Science unit 'Kalightascope'.

They were put to the test, setting up their own ray boxes in groups and ensuring that the voltage was set low to avoid blowing the light bulb. As a group, the students took turns in testing how the different prisms and mirrors change the direction of light through refraction or reflection.

Student quote: Andrew Murphy Year 5M: "I thought the science labs were exhilarating since we got to experiment with ray boxes and lenses. The character strength of teamwork was needed for this experiment as you needed one person to hold the lenses or prism and someone to control the ray box. You also have to have someone who controlled the group and wrote down the answers. I think this is an experiment that will be amazing and thrilling to think about."

Alongside this – to integrate light into their artistic studies – the students have been busy completing their ‘Shining Stars’ artworks, to showcase a favourite sports star shining in a light. They have been using oil pastels to blend their artworks and chose contrasting colours to make their stars pop! Depending where the light was coming from, students used blending techniques to show the difference that a shadow could make on a colour versus having a brighter light on it.

Student quote: Mia Lee Year 5M:  “I have really liked doing our artworks and enjoyed the technique of blending, because, in the end, mine has looked really pretty. I found it challenging to blend in the small sections of my shining star ballerina, but I used the pointy edge of the oil pastel to reach those sections.”

Kerrie More, Scott Lewis, Tiffany Henry and Jana Kubaska
Year 5 Teachers

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