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  • 6th June, 2018

APS Volleyball Round 7 Results

Boys’ Volleyball Round 7 vs King’s Christian College

Team ABPC KCC Most Valuable Player In the Spirit
ABPC Junior A 0 3 Hayden Rob Kartik Nayak
ABPC Junior B 0 3 Jake Johnson Kim Teariki-Tautea
ABPC Int A 0 4 Harrison White Nathan Mahalingam
ABPC Int B 0 4 Bruce Dufty Max Stokes
ABPC Open A 0 3 Declan Fitzgerald William James
ABPC Open B 1 2 Bernard Low Benjamin Swanson
ABPC Open C 3 ASAS 2-0 Jack Moody Liam Walker
ABPC Open D 2 SOM 4-0 Stephen Wardle Jefferey Neuffer

Girls' Volleyball Round 7 vs King’s Christian College

Team ABPC KCC Most Valuable Player In the Spirit
ABPC Junior A 3 0 Radha Patel Zoha Khan
ABPC Junior B 3 0 Angel Wang Mirsabah Hasan
ABPC Int A 3 0 Tahlia West Natalie Mohajer-Iravani
ABPC Int B 2 1 Nina Lawson Dorothy Hou
ABPC Open A 0 3 Theresa Wang Leishia Liu
ABPC Open B 3 0 Sofie Cripps Evie Rounsley

Junior School Volleyball and Newcombe Ball

This year has seen a fantastic surge in the number of students choosing to play Volleyball for Junior School APS Sports. In addition to Ms Sterry and Mrs Willoughby, we have welcomed back Mrs Middleton to our coaching team. We are also very fortunate to have support from members of the Senior Volleyball teams this year, in particular, Geordie Pearson, Jayde Hartfiel, Theresa Wang, Soraya Abdel-Aal, Leishia Liu, Chaoxi Li and Shiori Takahashi.

The Year 4 students learn the rules and some strategies of the game by playing Newcombe Ball, which involves learning how to serve a volleyball and then catching and throwing the ball over the net. Our Year 4 students have embraced the game with enthusiasm and have been learning to serve correctly and work as a team. They have won many of their games against other schools.

The students in Year 5 have been working with enthusiasm to develop their volleyball skills, learning to dig and set the ball. They play a simplified version of volleyball, which slows the game down and allows them the time to position themselves and correctly use and practise these developing skills. We have had great success with both our Year 5 Mixed Teams.

By Year 6, students are playing volleyball with the only adjustment to the rules being that they can catch the ball off a serve. The speed of the game increases, and the students need to work together to dig, set and spike the ball over the net. The Year 6 students have been very committed to training and the interschool games. Both teams have had many successful challenges throughout this season.

We have been very impressed with the level of commitment from the students and their dedication to learning and practising these new and developing skills throughout the season. With just one week to go, we commend our Junior School volleyballers and look forward to their return next year!

Caitlin Sterry – Junior Volleyball Coach

Junior School

Congratulations to the following students in Junior School for a wonderful effort:

Year 4 Team
Most Valuable Player – Ella Petzke
In the Spirit – Chloe Ourari

Year 5 - A Team
Most Valuable Player – Tayla Van Heerden
In the Spirit – Keerti Nayak

Year 5 - B Team
Most Valuable Player – Sophie Mordekar
In the Spirit – Cayden Nicholson

Year 6 - A Team
Most Valuable Player – Ethan Achterberg
In the Spirit – Amana Islam

Year 6 - B Team
Most Valuable Player – Matthew Jeffery
In the Spirit – Aditi Itikalapati

Ursula Lindeberg – Volleyball Coach

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