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  • 5th June, 2018

Year 3 Tech-experts in Design

Speed racers, rescue helicopters, space rovers and pulling vehicles have all been built and coded by Year 3 tech-experts this term. Students have thoroughly enjoyed the robotics unit and have improved their teamwork, communication, engineering and coding skills when using a fun, engaging and educational play-based resource: Wedo 2.0. These Lego kits have allowed students to be designers, investigators, engineers and computer coders. They have built their Lego constructions, tested, modified their designs and blue-toothed instructions to their models to make it follow their commands.

As part of their Design task, Year 3 students used their robotics engineering skills to design their own moving rescue vehicle. They used the StemTastic kits to build their rescue vehicles, modifying their design based on the materials provided. Finally, students evaluated their design, identifying what they changed and why, and how they would improve it. The Wedo Lego kits provided valuable information about the purpose and use of robotics in society today and students used this understanding to validate their design and how it would be used in real life.

Joanna Muirhead, Ruth Bradley, Donna Symms and Steve Farmer
Year 3 Teachers

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