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  • 1st June, 2018

Fun in Prep

This term in English our generative topic is Community Helpers. As part of this unit, we have been exploring the role of people who help us, including, doctors, nurses, vets, farmers, police officers and fire fighters. Our focus has been on discussing their role within our community, including what they do, what they wear and how they help us. During our weekly show and tell presentations, we have enjoyed listening to our peers discussing their favourite community helper. It has been interesting to explore the different types of uniform each community helper wears.

This week, Club Funk co-ordinator, Kim Mills, visited Prep. She spoke to us about her role as a dance instructor within our A.B. Paterson College community. After her talk, we all enjoyed participating in some groovy Club Funk dance moves.

Next week, we are also very lucky to have the local fire brigade visit us. We will be listening to them discuss fire safety and then have the chance to explore some of their equipment. We are all very excited for this!

It has been a fantastic term in Prep! We enjoyed sharing our learning from this unit with our parents at the recent Learning Journey. 

Prep Teachers - Rebecca Barraclough, Trent Davis, Angie Hall and Jacinta Lauder

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