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  • 24th May, 2018

Using my head, my hands and my heart to help others…

It’s an exciting time at the College as students in Years 6, 10 and 11 ponder what they can do to use their hands, heads and hearts to help others.

Our Year 6 students are in action mode advertising their upcoming sausage sizzle on Tuesday 29 May to support the work of the Royal Flying Doctors, whilst students in Year 10 are excitedly organising several events to raise awareness for those experiencing homelessness. Both projects are part of the College service-learning program which seeks ways to integrate meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enhance the learning experience (National Service-Learning Clearing House, 2013).

Through Service-learning projects, students learn real life skills, contribute to their communities and learn that they have a responsibility to serve their community. Integral to effective service-learning is meeting genuine need and reflecting on the learning journey. The beauty of service-learning is that it provides an opportunity for students to not only assist and acknowledge others but to utilise the skills that they learn in the classroom in a real-world setting. That is, in order for the students to design, develop and facilitate a successful project they need to draw on contemporary skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration to plan and deliver the project. These contemporary skills have been evidenced throughout the Year 11 Service-learning project which involves working with Surfers Sunrise Rotary Club to build 40 off-road wheel chairs to be donated to those suffering mobility issues in third world countries. The capacity of our Year 11 students to embrace this project has been amazing to watch unfold!

It would be greatly appreciated if you would consider supporting the below student lead initiatives:

  • Winton Sausage Sizzle Tuesday 29 May
  • Bake Sale Thursday 31 May and Wednesday 6 June
  • ‘Lachie’ Pool Party for students in Years 4-6, Friday 1 June (permission note to follow)
  • BBQ Breakfast Friday 1 June (7.30am outside the Tucker-bag)
  • The Lolly Jar Competition for students in our Junior School, ‘guestimate’ tickets on sale from Monday, 28 May
  • Car Wash on Saturday, 2 June from 9 – 11am outside the Rickard Administration Building

We look forward to your continued support.

Toni Kirton
Director of Positive Education & Leadership

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