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  • 22nd May, 2018

Water, Water Everywhere!

Do you know how high the Hinze Dam wall is? Did you know that we will all be drinking water from the ocean next month? Do you know how long the water takes to cycle?

Last week, Year 2 students excitedly took a trip out to Hinze Dam. It was a busy day full of science experiments, history lessons, craft and sight-seeing. The students learnt a load of new facts and skills, including how to test water. We talked about the process of dam to tap and how to clean water. Did you need a lesson on how to test turbidity? Just ask a Year 2 student!

Mr and Mrs Hinze were the original owners of the dam and a 100 year old mango tree that their son planted can still be seen today. The children came up with some brilliant questions like, “How old is the water?” Karen was very knowledgeable and explained that our water is ancient.

Daisy Ross, Debbie King, Kathleen Richardson and Kylie Schumacher – Year 2 Teachers

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