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  • 16th May, 2018

APS Volleyball Round 4 Results

Boys' Volleyball Round 4 vs Trinity Lutheran College

Team ABPC TLC Most Valuable Player In the Spirit
ABPC Junior A 2 2 Sean de Silva Dean Tuesley
ABPC Junior B 2 1 Jake Johnson Kim Teariki-Tautea
ABPC Int A 1 2 Matthew Lindeberg Edward Hall
ABPC Int B 0 3 Ryan Hurley Ali Mohammad
ABPC Open A 3 1 Thomas Allard Andre Martin
ABPC Open B 3 0 Benjamin Jones Thomas Allison
ABPC Open C 2 - 1 ABPC 1 vs ABPC 2 ABPC 1 - Jack Panozza
ABPC 2 - Benjamin Douglas 
ABPC 1 - Liam Walker
ABPC 2 - Stephen Wardle

Girls' Volleyball Round 4 vs Trinity Lutheran College

Team ABPC TLC Most Valuable Player In the Spirit
ABPC Junior A 4 0 Evie Kim Radha Patel
ABPC Junior B 0 3 Angel Wang Regina Hoare
ABPC Int A 2 2 Natalie Mohajer-Iravani Emily Thomas
ABPC Int B 3 0 Nina Lawson Angelina McDonald
ABPC Open A 3 0 Somer El-Ghobashy Kanna Yanagisawa
ABPC Open B 3 0 Sofie Cripps Evie Rounsley

Volleyball Report - Junior Girls' Teams A and B

Last Friday, the Girls’ Junior Team A and B competed against Trinity Lutheran College. A Team won 4-0 while B Team went down fighting to a 3-0 loss to Trinity Lutheran College. The Junior Team A had a rocking start to the match, wherein they went on winning each and every single set, giving a splendid and flawless performance. The Junior Team B had a tough start to the game, however, as the match progressed, the team upped the ante by displaying a stark improvement in their performance, where they lost by a close margin of just two points.

Congratulations to both the teams for their fantastic efforts.

Junior School

Congratulations to the following students in Junior School for a wonderful effort in Round 4:

Year 4 Team
Most Valuable Player – Chloe Ourari
In the Spirit – Grace Xu

Year 5 – A Team
Most Valuable Player – Che Sander
In the Spirit – Sophie Mordekar

Year 6 – A Team
Most Valuable Player – Timothy Yau
In the Spirit – Ethan Achterberg

Ursula Lindaberg – Volleyball Coach

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