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  • 15th May, 2018

APS Cross Country

The APS Cross Country Carnival was held at the Luke Harrop Cycle Track last Tuesday, 8 May. Over 150 students attended and represented the College. The Junior Team took to the course in the morning and raced over distances from 1.5-3 km and the Senior Team, took to the course in the afternoon, racing over 3-6 km distances.

The preparation for the carnival was intensive, with multiple training opportunities available to all students. Running Club was offered every school day in the lead up to the carnival and we saw great numbers at training.

I would like to congratulate the following students who attended training on a regular and consistent basis throughout the season, and earned the right to become an APS Squad Member and wear the Red Hoodie.

Holly Jennings                                                     Hunter Shanahan
Jessica Crispe                                                       Liam Crispe
Ella Crispe                                                            Emily Shi
Eva Ziukelis                                                          John Ziukelis
Bree Holt                                                              Oliver Kane
Emilie Hutt                                                          Chilli Fitzgerald
Isabella Karabouloukis                                     Joe Ziukelis
Zack Jennings                                                      Ellis Hart
Benjamin Gauld                                                  Jasper Fitzgerald
Callum Shanahan                                               Michael Hall
Daniel Snow                                                       

Two weeks prior to the APS Carnival, the team had the opportunity to travel to Saint Stephen’s College for a two way challenge. Over 60 students from the APS team chose to attend the after school event and raced over the APS Carnival distances with stiff competition from Saint Stephen’s College students.

The week prior to the carnival, the Luke Harrop Course was available to the APS schools for a familiarisation. A total of 100 students from the APS team attended, which was more than any of the other schools combined. The team had a short training session and it was a great opportunity for the team to bond prior to the APS carnival.

Throughout the carnival, we saw our athletes putting in their best effort and pushing themselves to achieve their own personal best. It was evident that our students had been training hard and were able to pace themselves well over the long distances they faced.

Congratulations to all students and a special congratulations to the students below who placed inside the Top 10, an outstanding achievement given the high level of competition.

Place Student Age
1 Michael Hall 15
2 Jasper Fitzgerald 13
4 Jack Rayner 16
5 Isabella Karabouloukis 12
5 Luke Hutt 10
6 Marissa Clarke 9
7 Hannah Loftus 9
7 Emilie Hutt 13
8 Callum Shanahan 14
9 Daniel Snow 9
9 Alexander Roberts 13
10 Jarrad Manthorp 15

The South Coast Regional trials will be held on Tuesday, 5 June at the same venue as the APS Carnival. The following students aged 10-19 have been selected to attend based on their top 7 place at the Carnival. We wish them all the best in the lead up.

Place Student Age
1 Michael Hall 15
2 Jasper Fitzgerald 13
4 Jack Rayner 16
5 Isabella Karabouloukis 12
5 Luke Hutt 10
7 Emilie Hutt 13

Overall, the teams achieved great results. The Juniors maintained their 6th overall position and closed the gap on 5th place. The Seniors maintained their aggregate results from last year but made an improvement and moved to 5th place on the percentage trophy.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Running Club coaches, Mr Ian Taylor, Mr Dai Abe and Mr Tony Bradford for their ongoing commitment to working with our students to achieve their own individual goals. The results achieved would not have been possible without their guidance.

Matthew Stopel
Interschool Squads Co-ordinator



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