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  • 14th May, 2018

Outstanding Day of Singing at the Vocal Festival!

Congratulations to all students who performed in the A.B. Paterson College Vocal Festival last Saturday!

Over 70 soloists from Years 4-12 took to the stage in the Dawn Lang Performing Arts Centre to perform a wide variety of songs from classical, folk and music theatre repertoire. There were many stickers, chocolate frogs and coloured achievement ribbons awarded, and all students should be very proud of their efforts on the day.

Adjudicator Robert Stewart awarded his Choice Awards for 2018 to the following students:

Year 11/12                  Jayden Lazar
Year 8-10                   Rianna Webster
Year 7                         Joaquin Segui and Charlotte Squire
Year 6                         Jonas Longhurst and Chelsea Howell
Year 5                        Lina Fang and Keerti Nayak
Year 4                        Dior Duggan and Malia Adams

Congratulations to all students on an outstanding day of singing!

Rachel Newcombe
Assistant Head of Performing Arts

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