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  • 11th May, 2018

Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, and being a mother of four young children, I found myself reflecting upon Mother’s Day when I was growing up.

As a child, it involved making my Mum home-made cards, writing poems, choosing gifts that I thought she might like (or knew that I would like, in case I needed to borrow it), gift-wrapping something from our cupboard like it was brand new fresh from the shop shelf, and my dreadful attempts to make her breakfast in bed. Of course, she always smiled and told me, “Wow this is delicious. It tastes like something from a restaurant. Are you sure you made this?”

As an early teenager, Mother’s Day was a chance to call a momentary truce in the battle to become an independent young woman. The gifts became IOU’s such as one night off cooking and your choice of TV shows for a night (oh how kind of me). 

It was not until adulthood – and my own motherhood – that the full extent of Mum’s strength, resilience, sacrifice, dedication, support, guidance, hard work and that instinctual, unconditional and infinite love dawned upon me.

This Sunday, along with the gift-giving, I encourage you to take a moment to truly reflect upon the everlasting love – a love that most of us will only truly comprehend with age and experience – you share with the person you simply call Mum.

              Happy Mother’s Day!
               Of all the special joys in life,
               The big ones and the small,
               A mother’s love and tenderness
               Is the greatest of them all.

To all our A.B. Mothers, we would just like to say
Thank you for all the things you do, each and every day!

Nikki Ward
Director of Community Relations and Development

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