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  • 10th May, 2018

How Do You Make a Traffic Light Sandwich?

This term, Year 1 students visited the Food Technology Department to follow correct food handling practices and work safely in the kitchen. Mrs Adams demonstrated the correct process for handling food and being safe when following the procedure to create ‘traffic light sandwiches’. Important skills to be considered for working in the kitchen include, washing hands, buttering bread, arranging chopped vegetables in three rows on the bread and using sharp utensils safely.

As Year 1 students have been focussing on the text type of procedural writing as part of their English unit, it was beneficial for them to experience the purpose of following through with a practical experience. One of the follow-up activities involved students writing a procedure of ‘How to Make a Traffic Light Sandwich’.

Year 1 Teachers - Georgina Burrows, Lachlan Gooden, Leanne Clark and Helen Drummond

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