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  • 22nd March, 2018

Scientifically Speaking, What’s the Matter?

Chemical reactions, slime, dancing raisins and discovering what happens to Olaf in the summertime, have all been part of this term’s Year 3 Science unit: What’s the Matter?

Through diagrams and dramatisation, students have discovered the properties of solids, liquids and gases, and learned new scientific vocabulary such as molecules, atoms and particles. They have conducted fair and safe testing when exploring the concepts of evaporation and condensation, and written scientific reports explaining the results and observations from their experiments.

Year 3 students have applied their new-found understanding when making predictions during scientific investigations, including hypothesising why Coca Cola explodes when Mentos are added to it, identifying whether Oobleck slime is a solid or a liquid, and watching raisins dance around in a glass of soda water. Olaf the Snowman met his untimely demise during one such experiment, where students predicted what would happen when he came in contact with heat, watching him change from a solid (ice), to a liquid (water), then to gas (through evaporation) and finally changing back to a liquid (through condensation).

Joanna Muirhead, Ruth Bradley, Donna Symms and Steve Farmer - Year 3 Teachers

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