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  • 9th March, 2018

Anyone for Emu?

What is the best way to explore a different culture? Eat!

Our Year 4 students have experienced a taste of the Indigenous Australian Culture – literally. Our teachers bypassed the traditional fire pit, in favour of the barbie. 

Chefs will usually suggest serving uniquely Australian meats on the rare side. Let us just say, our teachers erred on the side of caution, and the end result was more well done (did something say, chewy?).

Please enjoy a student reflection on the Aussie tucker experience:

“On Wednesday, 7 March 2018 we had an Australian BBQ. We tasted emu, kangaroo and crocodile. Mrs. Marsh cooked the food and Mrs Middleton handed out the food. We lined up in one line as Miss Wallis handed out napkins.

The food I enjoyed the most was the emu because the emu didn’t smell too bad or taste too bad. It’s not too hard either.

The food I enjoyed the least was the kangaroo, because the kangaroo was very smelly and hard to bite off a piece. But I ate it anyway!

The character strengths I used were fairness, to let everybody have the right amount and gratitude for being thankful to the teachers who helped us prepare the BBQ.”

Cindy Chen, 4M

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