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  • 1st March, 2018

Year 5 Learning in Term 1

Our Year 5 students have made a great start to their year of learning at A.B. Paterson College. From getting to know one another using our Character Strengths in the Pastoral Development program, to planning and designing our own science experiments in the Does It Matter? unit, the Year 5 cohort has had a very busy few weeks getting involved in all sorts of interesting learning opportunities.

In Mathematics, our students have been learning about multiplication, division, factors, multiples and rounding in our unit, Divide and Conquer. During maths, students played a game called ‘scoot’ to help them consolidate their understanding of factors and multiples. Students gathered in teams and on the command ‘scoot’, moved from question card to question card trying to answer them as quickly and accurately as possible. It was a fun way to be moving around and working as teams, to help us with our learning.

Technology has combined with English as well as Humanities and Social Sciences, and students have carried out research on topics related to their learning about early Australian life, in particular the Gold Rush. Our Year 5 learners have thoroughly enjoyed exploring what life would have been like as a gold miner in 1854 and the impact that the significant event of the discovery of gold had on the colony at the time.

Unfortunately, our excursion to Eureka Gold Rush was delayed due to the bad weather last week however, on Monday 12 March, Year 5 students will embark on an enthralling adventure, stepping back in time and exploring what life would have been like on the Australian goldfields during the 1850s. From panning in the river bed to hunting for bushrangers, this excursion will be packed full of fun and screams of Eureka! Our students will enjoy bargaining with the shopkeepers for food and mining equipment, purchasing their mandatory miner's license and building canvas tents, not to mention learning how to haggle for a good price for the rare find of a piece of gold.

The Eureka Gold Rush excursion will be remembered as a highlight for Year 5 this year.

Year 5 Teachers – Tiffany Henry, Kerrie Moore, Scott Lewis and Jana Kubaska

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