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  • 19th February, 2018

Year 1 into Science

What is a scientist? What do scientists do? As part of our Year 1 Science unit this term, students have been exploring these questions. 

A visit to the Senior School Science Laboratory was a highlight for students last week, as they stepped into the world of Dr John Thomas – a real-life scientist at the College. They were excited to hear his stories of how he works as a scientist and the tools and equipment he uses. A highlight of the visit was when Dr Thomas used special chemicals to change the colour of liquids before our very eyes. Here, our students describe their experience:

I liked the magic Dr Thomas made when he poured chemicals together to make it change colour and the pop the balloon made when it burst. I learnt how scientists mix chemicals together. Lucas Liu - 1G

Dr Thomas told us that scientists have to wear special clothes so they do not get things on their clothes or body. My favourite part was when he burst the balloon and it made a small fire, and also when he changed the colour of the chemicals by adding some more to it. Freya Bertsos - 1G

I learnt that Dr Thomas had to wear a white coat to be safe when he did experiments. My favourite part was when he made a big bang with the balloon and it was really, really loud. Benjamin Clark – 1B

I liked it when Dr Thomas made a pink potion, by mixing together some chemicals and making a big bang when the balloon burst. Summer Skyrme - 1B

My favourite part was when Dr Thomas put the balloon on the roof and then put a flame under the balloon and it made a big pop. I want to be a scientist like Dr Thomas – mixing chemicals together. Khai Orton – 1D

I liked it when Dr Thomas put some powder out and put a fire near it to make it explode. I would also like to be a scientist like Dr Thomas or a palaeontologist. Oliver Higgins - 1D

My favourite part was when Dr Thomas made the chemicals turn black when he added the white chemicals together and when the balloon popped. I learnt that chemicals can be dangerous if you mix them the wrong way because they can explode. Javier Segui - 1C

I liked it when the chemicals turned pink when Dr Thomas mixed two white chemicals together. I learnt that if the chemicals were mixed in the wrong way it would make a big explosion. Lunabelle Li – 1C

Georgina Burrows, Lachlan Gooden, Leanne Clark and Helen Drummond - Year 1 Teachers

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