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  • 15th February, 2018

Science on the Go

Super Scientist, Sidney Hooker from Science on the Go engaged Year 4 students with an amazing science show last week.  Mr Hooker experimented with different materials and tested their properties.  As you can see from the pictures there were some mind-blowing moments. 

“I loved see how solids, liquids and gases can react very differently in different environments.”
Seeret Arora - Year 4

“My favourite part of the show was watching balloons, a tennis ball and a barbie doll freeze when put in an esky of liquid nitrogen.  Mr Hooker then dropped them on the floor and we saw them break.”
Ollie Briggs - Year 4

“The show was so cool.  I can’t wait for my turn to test and make a lunch box.”
Riley Thompson Year 4

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