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  • 8th February, 2018

Year 12 Activities Week 2018

Activities week for our Year 12 cohort began with a guest speaker from Success Integrated, David Verdugo, who revealed to senior students tricks to surviving the upcoming academic year, as well as how to motivate ourselves and our entire grade to embark on this year’s challenges.

I came to thoroughly enjoy the various stories David was presenting. Each story signified a new perspective on navigating the hardships in this journey we all call life. After the daunting realisation that this was my final Activities Week, I came to further appreciate the overall talents and personalities of each individual in my grade. I was not the only one coming to this conclusion, as David's inspiring sessions had left a positive impact on the entire cohort. It was the morale boost we all would need for the upcoming three days of QCST (Queensland Core Skills Test) preparation. 

The final three days were spent with specific guest speakers, for each test, from Mighty Minds. They tutored our whole grade before we each sat a practice test on that specific topic. 

The QCS Tests were not the only thing we practiced in Activities Week. As each day ended with the serious – yet funny – Old Collegian, Dominque McDonald, coaching our cohort on how to slow waltz with our partners, in preparation for Formal. The first practice was set with awkward smiles between partners, horrible timing and step sequences. Surprisingly, Dominique applauded our efforts and, by the final dance practice, the majority of the cohort had improved substantially. 

As Activities Week drew to a close, we reflected on what we had experienced and achieved. The inspiring speeches we witnessed, detailed QCST workshops we attended and fancy footwork we developed have empowered us to feel more prepared to tackle the challenge of our last year at A.B. Paterson College.  

Patrick Pantillano - Year 12 Student

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