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  • 8th February, 2018

Year 6 2018 - A Cohort of Champions!

'Who is your champion and who are you a champion for?’ are the meaningful questions the Character Builders’ team wanted the Year 6 cohort to embrace and take forward into the year ahead.

Character Builders’ Day was definitely an exciting and interactive opportunity for the Year 6 students at A.B. Paterson College. We can honestly say it was a real privilege to experience this day. Having it occur at the beginning of the year was the best time for the cohort to learn the characteristics of being an encouraging and supportive leader, and learning how to be an inspiring role model for the rest of the Junior School. 

Every student was encouraged to see that a great leader was NOT someone who has a badge or someone who TELLS people what to do, but rather someone who knows when to STEP UP OR STEP BACK.  Leaders are people who lead by example both inside and outside of the classroom, as well as in a team. Leaders understand that, to be successful, everyone needs to feel included, valued and supported. Each of the Year 6 students came to the realisation that they have what it takes to be a great leader, should they choose to be one.

Our day started with an encouraging speech by Damon, introducing the leadership focus of ‘STEP UP…STEP BACK AND BE A CHAMPION’. He went over the important factors of being a leader. One significant message was that a leader does not always step up but in fact steps back to allow others an opportunity to contribute their ideas. The Year 6 cohort was mindful of this message and the teachers observed many of our more confident speakers step back to encourage our quieter students to put forward their ideas.  

The Year 6 students were eager to participate and contribute in the photo scavenger hunt, where their teamwork, and new learning of what an encouraging leader sounds and looks like, came into practise. Each group was given a clipboard, and a task sheet of various different photos they must capture; such as, a photo of something you would find in the night sky. Points were awarded based on meeting the caption and being as creative as you can. Bonus points could also be awarded if your team was working well together and all contributing. All groups were successful and lots of laughter and competitive chatter could be heard around the Junior School.

The Character Builders’ team was very impressed with our enthusiasm and eagerness to participate in all of the activities. An empowering moment came near the end of the session when the students were encouraged to demonstrate leadership to others by working together completing an activity that had a common goal.  Did we achieve it?  YES WE DID!! How? By working together, inspiring and encouraging each other to work as a united group.  

We think this is the perfect time to tell all the Year 6 students of 2018 that they have already made an impressive start to a year that has many more opportunities for us to inspire and be inspired by a cohort of ‘CHAMPIONS’.

Blake Charnley, Thomas Keplinger and Lachlan Kelly - Year 6 Students

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