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  • 7th February, 2018

Year 7 Activities Week

Building team work and resilience was the focus for our Year 7 cohort during a very busy Activities Week, as they entered Senior School to face new experiences and challenges.

On Monday morning, our students took part in a scavenger hunt around the College campus, working in teams to find answers and solve a puzzle. It offered a great way for all students to become more familiar with the layout of the Senior School. 

Our students then worked with the excellent Shake & Stir Theatre Company. They watched a performance about students moving to a new school, and some of the issues people face as they transition from Year 6 to Year 7. 

Members of the Shake & Stir Theatre Company also led a workshop, designed to get our Year 7 students working together, and to ease their worries about what others may think of them as they settle into a new part of their schooling. 

On Tuesday, the Character Builders Team led the students through three very different workshops, all of which challenged them to work with each other, think creatively and express ideas.

In Session One, the students were tasked with building a tower out of balloons, then building a 4,000piece dominos line. Character Builders staff were full of praise for the support our students gave to each other, and their creative problem-solving. 

Session Two involved students creating their own ‘Character Licence’ with an image that reflected what they hoped to contribute to the Year group in 2018. The range of responses was remarkable, as was the students’ engagement with each other as they shared and explained their images.  

Session Three – Crepe Making – was a firm favourite, especially for the staff acting as judges. With a basic range of ingredients the Year 7s turned into Master Chefs by creating a range of delicious crepes. There seemed to be a lot of tasting sessions going on in the process, but all of the groups produced a dessert with a unique look, taste and name. All Year 7 parents should be expecting home-cooked crepes from now on! 

On Wednesday, our students all had a session with the team from Arakan Martial Arts, working on building confidence in their physical capacity to do things for themsleves. Older siblings should be aware! 

On Thursday, the entire year group spent a day at Curumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, exploring the park in teams – having the responsibility for making group decisions as to where they were going throughout the day. They encountered a range of wild, and not so wild, life. 

The week culminated with the Year 7 and Year 9 groups mixing to take part in a range of challenges and activities, again led by the Character Builders Team.

Peter Brookes - Head of Dennis House, HPE 

“Activities week was really fun and exciting. It brought the whole Year 7 cohort together, cooperating with each other and working on fun activities. This was also a great opportunity for new students to make new friends and to know everyone else.”
Mihan Suraweera D4

“I loved Thursday because we went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. In our teams, we were allowed to choose whatever activity we wanted to do.”
Charlotte Squire D8 


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