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  • 2nd February, 2018

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Paraents/Guardians

What a wonderful way to start the school year – Year 4 students enjoying their new classrooms; students in Years 1-3 playing in the new Winton Playground, our Preps experiencing school for the very first time, and the Senior School enjoying Activities Week. As always, it has been a very busy start to the year, but thanks to our staff, parents and students, it has been a wonderful start.

Our Academic Results Summary Booklet for 2017 has now been released and available on our website. The 2017 results were amongst the finest in our College’s history with:

OP1-5:  26 students (37.7%) (Best Result in College history)
OP1-10: 52 students (75.4%) (2nd Best Result in College history)
OP1-15: 68 students (98.6%) (2nd Best Result in College history)
OP16-20: 1 student (1.4%) (2nd Best Result in College history)

The Dux of the College in 2017 was Rhiannon Hounslow (pictured right) with The Kelvin Hutchinson Award.

With respect to NAPLAN, although discussed and reported in 2017, last year’s results placed us as the leading school in NAPLAN for the entire Gold Coast – a result we are very proud of.

These results are even more special when you consider that we are not academically selective in our enrolments, nor do we offer significant numbers of academic scholarships at critical years in an effort to boost these results. The achievements are indeed those of our students with the hard work and support of our teachers, and I commend and congratulate them all.

Our Senior School students have participated in a range of activities during their second week of Term, and by all accounts have had a terrific time. I was fortunate to spend numerous hours with our Year 11s as they were developing their business ideas for their social entrepreneurship venture within the program, IGNITE: Ideas with Impact. If you are not aware of this new and cutting edge program, please see some of the videos available on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/abpatersoncollege.

In summary, the students have identified a range of societal and environmental issues, brainstormed and examined solutions, evaluated the potential impact and developed a Business Plan. The program Ignite: Ideas with Impact was developed by project leader, Kate Clauson with expert help from leading entrepreneurs, including Nicole Dyson and Leigh Kelson (current parent). The unique program, was regarded by Nicole Dyson as “cutting edge in social entrepreneurship” and has been supported by some of the finest entrepreneurs and business leaders on the Gold Coast, including current parents and members of our Alumni.

There is a significant difference in simply providing students with a curriculum, compared to immersing them in an opportunity in which they can explore areas of passion and interest, give them the tools to search for solutions, evaluate these solutions and develop a business plan which has the potential to be a real world start-up business. This is absolutely unique and has caught the attention of local media.

This is real world education at its finest, and one in which our students have been able to draw on all that they have ever learnt at school, every experience and every opportunity, to find real solutions to a range of issues and develop a business plan that could be taken to market. There are many entrepreneurship programs around but none that have taken the opportunity to this level. I have been so impressed with the work of our Year 11s and wish them well in their final pitch to the expert panel. I would also like to thank our inaugural sponsors Alder Constructions who have donated $3000 to the winning students – maybe, just maybe, this could be the seed funding for a new business!

Next week we have the Seniors Induction and I am delighted to invite you to attend. For those new to our College, this is the ceremony in which our most senior students take a pledge to lead the student body with excellence, care and commitment. It is a commitment in which we are all, every member of our community, asked to assist them in upholding and to support them in their endeavours. In order to lead, they will need our support and on that day, and on behalf of the entire community, we pledge our support to them.

Our Year 12s are a wonderful cohort and I wish Captain, Rachel Hoch and Vice-Captain, Adrian Rajkamal the very best for the year ahead (pictured above).

I wish each family the very best for the year and trust that this will be a terrific year for all of our students. Despite this, there are times at which we all encounter difficulties, tragedy and the most challenging of circumstances. It is times like these that we need to reach out to others and to realise we are not alone. On a personal note, the past few years have certainly been challenging for my family with the significant and ongoing illnesses of my own daughter, and I was most appreciative and thankful for the caring support I received from the College Board, from staff, and numerous parents from within our community. We have a very kind, generous and caring community at our College and I encourage you to reach out for our support, should you ever need it – this is what a community does.

I wish you all a wonderful 2018 and hope that together we can all make the lives of those around us a little bit better each day.

Brian Grimes


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