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  • 1st February, 2018

From the ICT Department - News on Cyber Safety

Technology provides a powerful platform for teaching and learning but is also a platform for socialising via social media applications.

Cyber Safety is an important topic for everyone. It is everybody’s business to act against cyberbullying. We must not be bystanders.

We need to report, or talk, to someone who can help. Ask your child to see a student counsellor or use STYMIE to report anything they see that could be bullying.

Once something is said online, it can never be taken back. It is not like speaking “face to face”. Meanings may be misconstrued. Anything shared online can always be used against you.

Our IT Department would like to provide an important link to our College community, and encourage everyone to visit https://www.esafety.gov.au/iparent where parents can:

  • Learn about the digital environment and keep updated on their children’s technology use.
  • Learn how to manage technology at home
  • Find strategies to keep their child safe

Afzal Shariff – Direct of ICT Services


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