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  • 31st January, 2018

New Look Classrooms for 2018

Year 4 students have settled in to their fantastic new classrooms and are loving how our new furniture helps them to learn effectively.  Here is what some of our students have to say about our new flexible learning spaces.

I love how they made really high chairs and really high tables so you can work enthusiastically. I love the couches because when we come and talk as a group we can sit on the couches and it is really comfy. Annika Singh 4S

I like the freedom of the furniture because it allows us to sit with different friends every day. The curved benches allow me to see the teacher more easily. The whole setup of it all does not feel like a classroom. Nicholas Kenworthy 4S

I really like the café lounges because you can just do a role-play on them, as if I would like a milkshake, you can co-operate with your friends. Louise Lee 4A

I love the new rooms because it makes learning a lot easier and it feels like I am at home. You can also grow social intelligence by sitting in booths and all the working spaces. Gabi Cannen 4A

I like the new seating because we do not have specific spots to sit every day and that the seats are comfortable. I like that because I can sit with whomever I like and I am not fiddling to get comfortable. Gorgia McLean 4M

I really like this new classroom because it is a lot better learning environment because it has a lot of space to learn and because the brightness is good. Ben Gauld 4M

I really like that we can sit next to anybody we want to suit our class activity.  This furniture is great for group work because there are booths at the back of the room.  This is the best furniture because it is comfortable and easy to learn with and it is fun. Lauchlan Mason 4W

This furniture is cool! I love that we get to sit next to lots of friends every day. We sit on the couches and the stools and have adult furniture. This furniture is great for working in groups and working individually. The students sometimes pick our seats and sometimes the teachers will pick where we sit.  We know that they have to pick people to sit next to that we will work well with. The couch is Ushaped with the desks are U-shaped around the couch. My favourite thing about the classroom is the little booths at the back of the room. Hudson Dilkes 4W 


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