Illalong News

  • 23rd January, 2018

From the Junior School News Desk

Welcome back. It has been so good to see the smiling faces of our children as they return to their new classrooms after their summer break, full of energy and brimming with stories of happy holidays.

There are many exciting events coming up during the term right across the Junior School, the first of which will be the Junior School Parent Information and Social Evening, to be held on 8 February. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher, who will talk to you about a range of relevant information and about ways to support your child’s learning. We will also again be privileged to benefit from the parenting expertise of Dr Judith Locke, who has supported College families for many years.

I am looking forward to the year and continuing with the progressive work we undertake with the students and staff. Something that is really important to me is developing strong home / school partnerships. Research tells us that when this relationship is functioning well, children flourish and ultimately that is what both the school and the family want.

I think it is timely, at the beginning of a year, to consider our individual role in developing home / school partnerships and the personal contribution we make every day in making the College a better place. This is the school you have selected for your children to attend. There are so many ways that you can become involved and really make a positive difference. Your children will benefit from this. I look forward to meeting up with you as the year progresses.

Karen Roman
Assistant Principal: Junior School

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