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  • 30th November, 2017

From the Principal's Desk

The last day of the 2017 school year has finally arrived!!!

I would like to first and foremost thank the many parents who have written in with messages of support for our staff in response to my correspondence to you yesterday.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all in our community – staff, parents and students for another wonderful year in our community.

Our staff have provided many wonderful activities and opportunities for our students to enjoy and participate in, and I cannot thank them enough for the generosity in which they do so. There are times when I have been out with friends in a social circle and I have heard people make comments about how easy it would be to be a teacher in today’s environment. I soon offer them an opportunity to come in and see what our teachers do and manage on a day to day basis and all too quickly the subject changes.

There is no doubt in my mind that we do see things through a particular lens as parents, I certainly do when it comes to my daughter, but we also need to reflect on the role of the teacher, the load they bear and the significant challenges they are presented with each and every day. Why do so few people want to be teachers? The answer lies in the demands. Our staff are dedicated and do a wonderful job in supporting our students and I thank them wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

I would also like to take a moment to thank our many non-teaching and support staff. We could not run our College without their vital work. Whether it be supporting teachers in the classroom, making our grounds look so wonderful or providing administrative support, our school could not operate without them – and so I thank them too.

Of course, we would not be a community without committed families. I have often said that education is a partnership, and one in which we only see genuine benefit when the school and parents are working together for the same aims. This sharing of Vision is indeed essential in every partnership, and I thank our many families who have engaged so positively and been an active constructive partner with us.

I would also like to highlight a point I made in my Speech Night address, and that is, it takes a whole community to educate and care for a child. It is my hope we will further grow in this direction in the years ahead. When belonging to a community, we must have a shared Vision and that should be for the betterment of all children, not just our own. This is the difference between associating with a community and genuinely living in it.

I would like to commend the following staff on their recent promotions and appointments:

Mr Tim Grosser – Director of Operations & Planning;
Ms Charlotte Halls-Moore – Dean of Senior School;
Mr Peter Brookes –Head of Dennis House;
Mr Steve Clacher – Deputy Head of Junior School (Years 4-6);
Mrs Jasmine Lange – Head of Mathematics;
Mr Leighton Morgan – Assistant Head of Mathematics; and
Mr Cadmann Small – Assistant Head of Science.

I would also like to farewell:

Mrs Victoria Fehringer
We thank Victoria for her service to our community as she moves to West Moreton Anglican School to be closer to home. Ms Fehringer has also been a highly committed teacher of our College, has led international tours for students, coached sport at the highest level in our College (won numerous Championships) and has provided exceptional care to all of her students. We will miss Mrs Fehringer but she leaves with our blessing and our best wishes.

Ms Tammie Gilbert
Ms Gilbert leaves us to take up a teaching position with an IB School in Brisbane. Ms Gilbert is a highly dedicated and exceptional educator; we will miss her and thank her for her commitment and excellence in care to our students.

Ms Zala Pirom
Although Ms Pirom has another few weeks at the College, I would like to note that she has now completed her teaching qualification and will resign from her administration position in the coming weeks to commence her teaching career. I am so pleased to know that she will now move to the career that she has been called to, and wish her the very best.

Mr Stuart Sullivan
Retirement is something that we all look forward to in due course, and Mr Sullivan has decided that the time has come to retire from full time teaching. Mr Sullivan has been an inspirational teacher for many of our students and been a strong mentor for many. Although Mr Sullivan has decided to retire from full time work, it is hopefully not farewell as he has agreed to return to our College next year to undertake casual and relief work. So, while we may not see him every day, I am sure we will enjoy his company again soon.

Mr Robert Timms
After 19 years of dedicated and exceptional service, we say farewell to one of our finest teachers in Mr Timms. He has supported, inspired and educated many, many students over this period of time and this deserves special attention. Mr Timms has committed himself to this College and our community for such an extraordinary length of time, and we wish him the very best for a wonderful and well deserved retirement.

I would also like to thank the following fixed term contract staff, who have covered staff who have been on leave for various reasons.  All have been a wonderful addition to our College, and I wish them well in the future.

In the Junior School - Jemma Findlay, Amy Lamont, Anne Palethorpe, and Philip Murray
In the Senior School - Jackie Olivier, Debbie Hooper-Lees, and Cheryl-Lyn Hardy

Finally, I would like to wish you all a very safe and enjoyable holiday, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Brian Grimes


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